Welcome to my website. I’m assuming you’ve found yourself here as life is overwhelming you in some way and you’re looking for support for you or a loved one and are interested in finding out about Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy. Firstly, let me assure you that you are not alone with whatever it is you’re feeling. Anxiety, depression and anger are all primitive responses that your brain has in order to protect you. So essentially your brain is doing its job! The problem comes when we spend too long in that primitive state so that our brain always senses some form of danger even when there is none. Solution-focused hypnotherapy is a gentle yet incredibly effective form of therapy that helps you to regain control and feel calm and confident.

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Within the pages of this site, you’ll learn more about how I can help you unlock that calm and confident future, but it can be much easier to book a free initial consultation with me so that I can help you gain an understanding of why you’re feeling as you do and what it is I can do to help.

All appointments are conducted over Zoom. However, if you are local to the Spalding, Lincolnshire area and would prefer a face-to-face appointment then please contact me.

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